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The Dunedin Gaol has been in the news on many occasions since 2009. You will find links to the full newspaper articles below. 

Grand plans revealed with lighting up of Dunedin’s darker past

A shining example of Dunedin’s heritage architecture has been freshly illuminated. Moreover, the Dunedin Prison Charitable Trust revealed grand plans for the 1896 Dunedin Gaol.
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Proud moment as second stage of prison refurbishment completed

Standing between the newly installed replica gate pillars in front of the historic Dunedin Prison on Wednesday are (from left) Dunedin Prison Trust trustee Barry Timmings
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Tenants sought for Victorian jail

Fancy running a business behind bars? The Dunedin Prison Charitable Trust is seeking business proposals for the old prison building which it has rebranded Dunedin Gaol.
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No escape from elements working on prison roof

Snow, rain, or shine. Whatever the weather, John Meegan has likely braved it while laying a new 820sqm roof on the former Dunedin Prison building.
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Reroofing to give prison a clean slate

John Meegan has spent a lot of time behind bars over the past few months - and he has been getting slated for it.
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Former Dunedin prison roof project ready to start

Dunedin’s former prison is about to undergo the second stage of its heritage restoration. Scaffolding will go up around the site and a crane will lift roof slates out of storage.
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Stage two close to start

The former Dunedin prison is a step closer to being a place people want to enter, rather than escape. The Dunedin Prison Charitable Trust received $200,000 this week.
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Prison restoration bid gets $100,000 boost

A $100,000 donation has been given to the Dunedin Prison Charitable Trust, as it works to define the future of the building.
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Spanish roofing slate safety behind bars

Clean slates inside prison walls are rare. But as of yesterday, there were 20 pallets of them, sitting in the central courtyard at Dunedin’s former prison building.
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Old prison roof being restored

Work to restore the roof of the former Dunedin prison to its former glory has begun, project manager Guy Williams says.
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Restoration begins on historic prison

Scaffolding is rising outside the former Dunedin prison as stonemasons at a South Dunedin business prepare the way for the building to return to its original form.
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Historic prison restoration gets kickstart, Channel 39

A $90,000 grant is kickstarting the project to restore Dunedin’s historic prison to its former glory.
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